About us

For over 20 years already, Snow B.V. is the leading knowledge center on Unix and datacenters in the Netherlands. Snow creates a bridge between customers and consultants with a focus on technology and quality. There are approximately 130 people working at Snow, consisting of some 30 staff employees and over 100 technical specialists, primarily the consultants.

Snow’s consultants have a profound knowledge of system administration, networking, security, storage and databases. Additionally, they have a lot of practical experience. Within several sectors, like the telecom sector, the financial sector, and the public sector, they fulfill roles such as technical specialist, team lead, technical project lead, or architect. At Snow, the specialists find an informal atmosphere where technical expertise is considered a virtue.

Customers of Snow can expect a clear, professional approach to their practical needs. Companies choose Snow because they want to assure themselves of highly qualified assistance to maintain their IT infrastructure and business applications. Whether it is fully outsourcing a project, or a temporary capacity problem, customers trust the professionalism of a Snow specialist. Snow can guarantee the professionalism of its consultants and engineers, because they are all permanently employed. Besides the thorough recruitment and selection proces, Snow has a strict certification policy based on external exams. Consultants receive a large study budget and can take several study days to follow training or prepare for exams. These trainings are generally developed, organised and facilitated by the Snow Academy.


Snow Academy

As a leading knowledge institute, Snow has the responsibility to share its knowledge. Snow has a few ways of accomplishing this, first and foremost through its consultancy activities. Additionally, Snow consultants give lectures at colleges and conferences, Snow organises meet-ups, and offers internships. The Academy guides these research and graduation internships, as well as orientation internships for both secondary vocational and higher professional education levels. Furthermore, every year several dozen young professionals start a traineeship to become a consultant, an accountmanager or a recruiter. Finally, IT professionals that don’t work at Snow are also able to participate in Snow Academy courses.

The Snow Academy strives for a larger offer of education in the field of Unix and open source software, as well as programming, and the development of essential professional skill sets. Trainings will take place in order for enthusiastic engineers to study and learn more about their field, even when there are less participants. The technical trainers work for Snow as consultants and are therefor very well equipped to complement the course material with practical examples. Sharing knowledge is key for the Academy.


Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO)

The Snow Academy bears the quality mark of the Dutch Council for Training and Education (in Dutch: Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding, NRTO). Together with the NRTO, the Academy upholds eight quality requirements. The Academy:

  • Is transparant about its product or service. 
  • Is clear about the learning goals of its education and trainings.
  • Measures customer satisfaction.
  • Fulfills its agreements.
  • Uses expert teachers, trainers and advisors. 
  • Invests in the expertise of its employees.
  • Has clear processes.
  • Continuously strives for improvement.

As a member of the NRTO, the Snow Academy follows their code of conduct and uses the NRTO General Terms and Conditions for Consumers (d.d. April 16th 2015) for its course agreements. When application of these terms and conditions is not possible, the customer and the Snow Academy will enter into mutual consultation to make similar arrangements. Please read our course conditions carefully before every training!