Our aim in general, is to exceed the expectations of our students. Therefor, feedback is very valuable to us. We can not process everything immediately, but tips from our participants and trainers are almost always valuable advice to incorporate into our work process. So please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas, by emailing 

Complaints procedure

The Academy tries to avoid complaints as much as possible by requesting interim feedback from customers and carefully examining the evaluation forms, and by improving our processes on that basis. Should there be complaints nonetheless, the following complaints procedure will apply:

  • The customer must submit the complaint in writing (by e-mail or by letter), so that the text can be taken as the base of handling the complaint. Within a week the customer will receive a confirmation message that the complaint has been received. Within six weeks of the submission, a decision will be made on the complaint, unless it has been withdrawn in the meantime. All complaints and decisions will be recorded in a complaints register. 
  • The complaint will be handled by the responsible Academy employee, who will contact the customer for further explanation if necessary. Of course, all those involved will be spoken with.
  • Based on the gathered information, a mutually agreeable solution will be sought-after. If the complaint is well-founded, the Academy will indicate which improvements they will make. If the complaint is deemed to be (partly) unfounded, this will be motivated to the customer. A draft of the final decision will be reviewed for approval by the head of the Academy beforehand. 
  • When the customer does not agree with the final decision, they can submit a written objection to the board of Snow. The complaint file will then be handed over to the board, including the point of view of the head of the Academy. The customer is invited to personally explain his objection, and to respond to the point of view of the head of the Academy. The board and the customer will look into a solution and appropriate points of improvement jointly. Within six weeks of submission, the board will make a decision on the objection, unless the objection has been withdrawn in the meantime. This time period can be extend once for a maximum of six weeks. All objections and decisions will be recorded in the complaints register. 
  • If the objection is not settled satisfactorily, an appeal can be lodged with the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards (De Geschillencommissie). Before this, the internal complaint and objection procedures at the Academy must have been completed. More information about this procedure can be found on the website of The Complaints Boards.

Of course it is in everyone’s best interest if the cooperation goes well, complaints can be prevented, and feedback can be used constructively to improve the process.